Milked to Death: Why Amul Needs Rebranding?

Amul's Sindhustan Hamara

Today’s morning newspaper and the social media at large was seen rooting for P.V. Sindhu, which we were much jumpy about too, but we were rather disappointed to see the Amul Girl mascot lending a hand to the promotions with yet another, done to death, pun-intended-sort-of humourous advertising campaign in the form of “Sindhustan Hamara – Shuttley Butterly Delicious!”.

Seriously Amul? That sure was cheesy and we are not even remotely entertained! With brands going one step further to entertain and engage over social media and other platforms (take this cue from Amazon and others), what makes you go over and over on advertising an idea that has already been overdone by your marketing team in the last few years? The tubby little moppet in the familiar polka-dotted dress is just not fun anymore and neither are the clever catchphrases that take a dig on contemporary events.

By far, Amul has enjoyed market monopoly in the milk products segment and rightly so but we’d not be surprised if we see Amul hitting the underdog numbers soon with such i’m-lazy-to-innovate sort of campaigns. Where brands like Mother Diary and Zydus Wellness’ Nutralite are fast catching up with innovative packaging, etc., it’s sad to see Amul still stuck to the basics.

Amul has done some fab work in the past – Amul’s Manthan picturized on Smita Patil and the Taste of India campaigns were actually benchmarks in the industry’s rundown of the “Best Indian Ads”. Well, to cut the long story short, your current advertising strategy is surely “Not the Taste of India”, not anymore atleast- it’s old, worn-out and definitely not something that can turn heads! Care to change?

The author heads the thought and creative leadership at BrandBerry Marcom, a youthful branding management agency in Delhi.

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