Best Ads from the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Best of Ads from the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

The 2016 Rio Olympics is said to be the richest in the 120 year Olympic history. The fact that the Olympic bosses relaxed its marketing rules has also played a part in making this year’s games in Rio the richest in their history. The stakeholders opened their doors to non-sponsors for the first time as an attempt to swell its reach. This move has come out to be a bit controversial as official sponsors will have to share the athletes of the likes of Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps with non-sponsors too – non-sponsors who have not paid a dime to the IOC of Rio 2016! Going further into this would drag us out of the topic; so let’s get to the crux of this blog! Ads…

Thanks to the amendment made by the IOC, the Olympics this year has brought us a slew of interesting and exciting commercials. The best of our advertising minds have come together to throw their gavel on them and here’s a handful of great ones – TAKE A LOOK!

  1. Samsung’s Anthem: Samsung truly took advantage of the attention the Rio games were expected to grab to send out a message for the need of unity and a world without wars, strife and terrorism. See it here or read a detailed review here.
  1. Nike’s, Unlimited You: Nike shattered its ‘Just Do It’ tagline in their new TVC depicting athletes, both known and unknown. The narrator losing control of the advertisement is hilarious! Take a look here.
  1. Gillette’s, Perfect Isn’t Pretty: Although it is darker compared to the others, it cannot get inspirational then this! Watch it here.
  1. P&G’s, Thank You Mom: Emotional and uplifting, this advertising campaign will bring tears of joy! Enjoy it here.
  1. United Airlines’, One Journey, Two Teams: A fun montage of American team set to compete at the Rio games. View it here.
  1. McDonalds’, #FriendsWin: McDonalds’ latest is a fun campaign to unite the world. Enjoy it here.

Author: Don Subba

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