The Underpriviledged Photographer’s Cheat Sheet

The Underpriviledged Photographer’s Cheat Sheet

It’s not all about the equipment when it comes to becoming a great photographer; one cannot overlook the fact that a potential photographer should have a great eye for composition. However, it is imperative that photographers should stay tuned in and invest on the newest supplies for better photography. Unfortunately, the world isn’t all that a better place and not all aspiring photographers can afford the plethora of tasty equipment available out there. For them, the best options lies in DIY photography hacks (stop brushing them aside as low key solutions if you have been all this while; their effects go strength to strength with some credible hacks available out there). Here are few of the most essential photography hacks you as a photographer should be knowing about:

  • The Pop-Up Flash Bounce Hack # 1

Pop-Up Flash Bounce

Pop-up flash on DSLRS produce very bad lighting; which is why most photographers choose to never use them. However, here’s this remedy to modify the light. You can simply place a reflective card in between and bounce the light above and behind you. This gives a more natural lighting effect.

  • The Light Tent Hack # 2

Light Tent

If you’ve got clean product photos to take, all you need is a box of any size, white muslin fabric, tape to secure the fabric to the side of the box and glue to stick the lining in the box. Finish this off with two or three sheets of white chart paper and lights to light the box and get the expected result.

  • The Image Stabilizer Hack # 3

The best way to stabilize your image is to mount your camera on a tripod but carrying them everywhere isn’t a very comfortable experience. Instead you can get great image stability by using just a piece of string, a bolt and a washer. Watch!

  • The Vaseline Soft Focus Hack # 4

Vaseline Soft Focus

Vaseline can be used to achieve a soft, dreamlike focus on traditional shots. All you need is Vaseline and a soft absorbent cloth. Apply the Vaseline on the cameras lens’ filter carefully while looking through the camera’s view finder and move it around with a cloth or your hand to get that dreamy look.

  • The Infinite White Backdrop Hack # 5

Infinite White Backdrop

Probably the easiest DIY hacks in photography, all you need is a white background, expose your subject correctly and throw light at the wall behind your subject, meaning overexpose the white wall so that it appears to be infinite.

  • The Flash Diffuser Hack # 6

Flash Diffuser

To make your personal, DIY flash diffuser, all you need is a translucent bottle with the base cut and attached to the camera flash. You can then add more layers to diffuse even more.

  • The Waterproofing Hack # 7


Companies will try to sell you expensive waterproof camera housing but instead you can defend you camera by just wrapping it with bin liners. Make sure to sellotape it together form, leaving a hole for the camera lens, the rest tightly secured together barring entry of water.

  • The Broom Monopod Hack # 8

Monopods with Broom Handle

Monopods are great when it comes to stabilizing the camera without carrying bulky equipment. Good ones can be expensive, but you can also build one with a broom handle, hex nut, hanger bolt and spiral nail.

These hacks are very efficient if you are hesitant on buying new gear for your camera or have cost issues to deal with. Go clickin’ guys!

Author: Don Subba

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