15 Digital Marketing “What If’s” Answered for You

Top 15 Digital Marketing What If's Answered for You

For brands, digital marketing has become a lifeline and has built a strong foundation that is set to last for years to come. Brands these days even intend to concentrate harder on their online marketing strategies due to a higher number of potential customers and outreach capability that come at a lower cost price in comparison to traditional media.

So now, let us imagine for a second a world without digitalization and us still dependant on analog screens and no social media. Relax guys! There’s no need to skip a beat; honestly speaking, everyone would have failed living in the past if were to jump back now. So dependenthave we become that we’ve forgotten to look up, tapping at an impressive speed. Since we’ve already assumed jumping back in time is no good, let us take it further and answer some top “what if’s” that every brand and digital marketer might have hit on their digital route. An adverb we often use to start a conversation that you know is going to be deep thought.

So, saddle up to have all the ‘what if’s’ you ever had concerning digital marketing strategy-making answered. To begin, let’s start with:

What if I don’t take social media seriously?

You’ll be seen as a traditional brand, atleast in the eyes of those digital brand evangelists and by a percentage of your customer base. But if you still think there are other mediums that can make it happen for you and that your product alone makes it happen, there is ABSOLUTELY NO HARM IN NOT TAKING THE SOCIAL MEDIA SERIOUSLY.

What if I do not hire a digital marketing agency?

Brands that do not rely on marketing agencies that are experts and versed with the digital marketing trends often go haywire with their digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing agencies can help grow your community, save your time, are cost effective and consistent. Look around – there are tonnes of digital marketing agencies offering cool, minimum-expense packages for startups. If you still think, you can’t afford an agency, be ready to be heavily invested to do it yourself by learning the tricks of the trade or be prepared to minimize your expectations from digital till you are fully prepared to invest into it.

What if I do not set clear goals and targets for my digital marketing endeavors?

Without setting clear goals for your digital marketing campaign, you will have no measure to know whether your campaign is achieving what it was made and invested into for. Setting measurable goals should always come as the first step to a campaign.

What if I don’t apply digital channel strategy?

Then there are chances you’re putting your eggs in the wrong basket. As a brand, you know where your consumer is and it is only more than important to invest your time and efforts into channels where your consumer is. A little more of Facebook and maybe a “sometimes” of Instagram or a heavy duty LinkedIn investment but just a “basic running profile” on Facebook – whatever it be, this is an important decision to make and must be given due attention to.

What if I end up targeting the wrong audience?

A stupid question to have your mind rambling on though, but the answer is pretty neat – a wrong audience obviously means no sales (the audience will not be interested at your product), your marketing investment in vain and an empty current account! Not reaching out to the right audience obviously has a direct effect on your ROI. Tip: Know your product, debate on whom it may appeal to and then fixate on your audience. Picking the right TG is the crux of marketing.

What if I have broad target market?

Broad targeting means bigger marketing spends and wastage. Broad target markets are often exclusive to plain branding endeavors where the bigger idea is to brand and not to sell. Even if your product can benefit anyone in the world, not everyone will be able to purchase your product or will be interested and you could end up targeting no one. As a startup or an SME, narrow your target to minimize on ad spends and still enable yourself to reach your audience.

What if I do not invest in SEO for Yahoo or Bing for my website?

Google as a search engine is where the world is – it’s the big daddy of search engines. It is only understood that you’ll invest your budget on channels that house your consumer i.e. Google. A minimal presence on Yahoo or Bing won’t do much harm.

What if I am doing my SEO right but have a poorly designed website?

Good Lord! And just how are you doing your SEO right if your website is poorly designed? Website is the focal point of every digital strategy and traffic from every other digital marketing channel is directed towards it – your website. You hear that? When the idea is to drive traffic to it, why would you even think of having anything spells “poor” on it? A poorly designed website would kill your marketing efforts in seconds. Your website should be this one amazing thing – period; responsive, optimized and easy to navigate.

What if my website is not responsive?

Well, you’re losing out on your mobile customer who likes his little portable phone device more than that big, dude-like laptop. Not to forget – Google algos are sure to rank your website down for lack of customer experience at the behest of the robots crawling your site.

What if I did not involve engaging content in my digital marketing drive?

Creating engaging content to involve your audience is an important aspect of digital marketing strategy – don’t ever think of doing away with this. That helpful content or that interesting title that comes up in a search result has the power to intrigue your audiences enough to look. So by not having a content-driven marketing strategy would mean a heavy price to pay since content is another reason for a customer to happen upon your brand, besides your regular sales pitch.Maintaining your blog establishes you as an expert in your space and also helps garner added trust in the form of – “Ok, this guy knows his shit”. Remember, audiences like to be entertained and not pitched.

What if I do not consider a viral marketing strategy?

Then you can enjoy yourself tucked by a corner, sipping on your coffee. The popularity of digital media comes from the very premise that you can have yourself going viral if your content is good. If you are not targeting a viral strategy, it only means you are happy with whatever little attention you’re getting on the world wide web.

What if I do not rely on analytics?

Brands that do not analyze the result and compare them with a set of KPI’s of their digital marketing process will not be on the right track to yield the desired result. You don’t know your audience, you don’t know what’s working for you; that’s like shooting in the dark wanting to hit a bullseye…LOL.

What if I ignore digital marketing trends?

Again, “evolve or die”. You’re on their (Google or Facebook for example) channel – obviously, you got to follow in and do just as they say – whether it be the panda or the graph. You need to follow in the wave of trends. Digital media is an adapt-or-die world – so it is always better to keep your toes sensitive to adapting and learn the new, especially when you’re already there and backing off isn’t an option.

What if I neglect email marketing?

You can, provided you know it’s not the right way of reaching out to your consumer. If you are neglecting email marketing because you think your social is compensating for it, please know that email marketing is one of the cheapest ways to brand and reach out to your target consumer. Conversion again is a different story!

What if I only concentrate on digital and forget my offline marketing?

Depends – on your brand, your marketing goals, and on the nature and demographics of your target audience. Digital marketing surely is a lucrative medium (that’s where the world is!) on offer at the moment but offline marketing is very much alive. The ideal thing for brands to do is to integrate online and offline marketing strategies into a one synchronized campaign. But that’s the ideal thing – if you genuinely do not need to cover your audiences offline, we give it you. But, if the matter is of not ignoring offline because you’ve invested in digital, think again – you are a better judge.


Author: Don William Subba

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