Nestle’s Superbabies Implore to #HelpMomsBreastfeed

To put it in one word, Nestle’s new digital campaign on the importance of breastfeeding is ‘super cute’. Oh, that’s two! Nestle, on the occasion of the World Breast Feeding Day intended on relaying the importance of breastfeeding. The campaign, featuring cute, singing babies wearing caps, highlights that although people know the importance of breast feeding, new mothers do not always get the opportunity to feed their newborns, thanks to the other responsibilities they are tied to.

The campaign urges family members to help out new moms. As the campaign iterates, “it takes more than just a mom to make a super baby” – it highlights how fathers can take the load off moms by putting the baby to sleep and changing their diapers. The video also urges other members of the family to pitch in during the breastfeeding phase.  While addressing the need to support new moms, the video also highlights that a mother’s health is directly related to her breastfeeding capabilities.

Nestle’s campaign is an eye opener, especially in the Indian panorama where women are held solely responsible for running the house and are expected to do so even after giving birth – while we’ve seen other forms of societal changes over the years, a change in this system is almost invisible in both rural and urban areas.

Nestle has brilliantly executed this campaign – the message on the importance of helping new mothers during the phase of breastfeeding has been passed on in a fun and informative way. It is important to note, this is not the first of its kind from Nestle – their previous superbabies’ campaign was of a similar fashion but the babies were seen belting out a rap instead of delivering a well-tuned musical on-stage. Watch it here:

Author: Don Subba

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